A suite of exceedingly rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™,
Countless meticulously crafted details,
A multitude of hidden surprises;
One exceptional experience.

This unique exhibition of ten extraordinary pieces showcases both the incredible rarity and beauty of the Australian Argyle Pink Diamond™ and the skills and craftsmanship of Nina’s Master Jewellers.

Each of the exhibits is an awe-inspiring ensemble of meticulously considered elements acting in concert to produce a remarkable masterpiece.

Featuring the most esteemed diamonds in the world

The story of Crescendo

A precious Western Australian story starring exceedingly rare Argyle Pink Diamonds™ from the now-closed Argyle Diamond Mine.

Made in Western Australia

The $1.7 million Crescendo exhibition is comprised of ten extraordinary pieces, all crafted by Nina’s master jewellers in their Dunsborough workshop.

A study of sparkle

Ranging in value from $78,000 to $285,000, and crafted across 575 production hours, they contain a collective total of 840 diamonds including an impressive 404 Argyle Pink Diamonds™ equalling more than 16 carats. All of these sparkling natural treasures have been expertly-set in almost 100 grams of 18 carat gold.

A discovery of details

Reflecting a 360-degree thought process, every angle of each ring, pendant and earring has been carefully considered.

The pieces have been created with exceptionally fine detail and even include some hidden surprises - just for the wearer!

Each item is completely beautiful, intended to pay homage and do justice to the magnificence and rarity of the hallowed Western Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds™.

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