Diamond Wedding Bands

Begin forever with one of these gorgeous wedding bands. Designs for both men and women are available, with white and pink diamond settings. If you don't see the perfect ring for your perfect day, contact us to design your own today.

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Diamond Wedding Bands from Nina's Jewellery

Nina's Jewellery offers the highest quality diamond wedding bands for those truly special moments. Say 'I do' with a symbol that encapsulates eternal love, a token of devotion you and your partner will enjoy for generations to come.

Our elegant diamond wedding bands are crafted from rose, white, or yellow gold, with a range of beautiful gem settings available. Go traditional with white diamonds or choose a wedding band with Argyle pink diamonds or other coloured diamonds. Have something extra special in mind? Contact Nina's about custom ring design to ensure you have the perfect ring for your perfect day.

What's the difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band?

The terms wedding ring and wedding band are often used interchangeably, but they can refer to slightly different types of rings. Wedding rings typically feature diamonds or other gems, whereas wedding bands are sometimes unadorned.

Why do some people wear two wedding bands?

Wearing two wedding bands is a new trend that's become popular for people who like the visual balance of having a wedding band on either side of their wedding set.

Who buys the groom's wedding ring?

Modern couples are crafting their own unique traditions when it comes to selecting the groom's wedding ring.

While historically, this important symbol of commitment was chosen and paid for by the bride, now it is just as common for both partners to be involved in the decision-making process - even sharing costs if they choose. At its core, picking a wedding band should come down to personal preference that honours each person’s contribution within an enduring relationship.