Australian Diamond & Pearl Rings

Explore our range of diamond and pearl rings designed exclusively in Australia. You'll find everything from engagement rings to the perfect ring for your best friend on your wedding day.

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  1. Monarch marquise and round cut white diamond ring
    Special Price $9,800.00
    Purchase Now Price $14,000.00
  2. World of colour - Pathway ring
  3. Maple Argyle Pink and White Diamond Flower Ring
    Special Price $4,100.00
    Purchase Now Price $8,200.00
  4. Rosanne seven stone white and Argyle pink diamond ring
    Special Price $10,500.00
    Purchase Now Price $15,000.00
  5. hero indulge: Vera, You deserve it

Items 1-24 of 442

Set Descending Direction

Diamond and Pearl Rings from Nina's Jewellery

Nina's Jewellery offers you the perfect way to express your love and friendship with our exclusive range of diamond and pearl rings. From engagement rings celebrating a lifetime of devotion, to elegant anniversary bands to mark your milestones together, Nina's Jewellery has something for every special occasion.

Choose from a selection of exquisite designs featuring dazzling diamonds and beautiful pearls. Our carefully crafted rings feature unique, natural coloured diamonds, perfect for expressing your individual style. From the finest pink diamond rings to gorgeous South Sea Pearl rings, we'll have the perfect piece for you. Each ring is made with quality materials, showcasing modern craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

Our team is passionate about creating jewellery that will be cherished and treasured forever. Each creation is inspired by joyous occasions, so when you choose one of our diamond or pearl rings, you can be sure that it comes from the heart – just like your love.

How do I find my ring size?

See our ring size guide for details on how to measure your ring size. It includes a ring size chart, tips for getting an accurate measurement, and a handy International ring size conversion. Or, even better, come to Nina's! Visit our location to get the perfect fit from one of our experts.

How can I find someone else's ring size?

Are you planning to surprise someone with a ring sometime soon? Check out our guide on how to secretly measure someone's ring size without them knowing.