Free valuation reports provided on every purchase

Valuation Report

There’s no need to find an independent valuer and pay them to have your jewellery appraised. As a complimentary service to all customers, Nina’s sends a detailed Valuation Report for each and every purchase. It will be sent as a PDF to you via email at the time of sale or as your treasure is despatched to you. Make sure you keep it for your own peace of mind and for insurance purposes.

What is a valuation report?

A valuation report is a document stating the approximate retail replacement value of an item. It can also be referred to as an appraisal. The valuation is calculated using current market data, which reflects typical retail prices. It includes the cut, colour, clarity, and either carat weight for diamonds or millimetre dimensions for gemstones, and details of the craftsmanship of the item. All valuations include an image of the piece of jewellery.

Insurance companies require valuations to enable them to set a price or replacement value in the event of a claim. Your valuation report ensures that in the case of loss, theft or damage your insurance company will give you an equal replacement of your item. The more information contained in the appraisal, the better chance you have of receiving the exact replacement for that item.

Extra security for nina’s customers

As an added service, we keep a copy of your jewellery valuation backed up and stored securely in our records. You can feel safe in the knowledge that if something should happen to your jewellery and/or your valuation papers, Nina’s can replace both! You can rely on us for all the information you might need and we’ll even deal directly with your insurance agency in organising a replacement. We’ve got your back.

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