Natural Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are among the most radiant and rare of the natural coloured diamonds. Whether shining on their own or set with other diamonds, they'll make a bold impression every time.

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Buy Loose Natural Green Diamonds from Nina's Jewellery

Discover the enchanting beauty of loose natural green diamonds at Nina's Jewellery. Our stunning collection showcases these rare gemstones' exquisite and captivating allure, celebrated for their unique colour, rarity, and elegance. Natural green diamonds are some of the rarest coloured diamonds in the world, and our carefully curated selection ensures that each diamond reflects exceptional quality, colour, and sparkle.

Whether seeking the perfect diamond for a custom-designed piece of jewellery that you've been dreaming of or a dazzling addition to your collection, trust Nina's Jewellery to help you find the perfect green diamond that symbolises youth and vigour.

Are green diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, green diamonds are real diamonds. Like other coloured diamonds, they are formed naturally within the Earth's mantle under high-pressure and temperature conditions. The green colour of these diamonds is caused by naturally occurring radiation, which alters the diamond's crystal lattice structure and affects how light is absorbed and reflected within the stone. The intensity and shade of green can vary depending on the concentration and type of radiation exposure.

What gives green diamonds their colour?

Natural green diamonds get their colour from exposure to naturally occurring radiation during their formation within the Earth's mantle. Specifically, radiation exposure causes changes to the diamond's crystal lattice structure, leading to the absorption of specific wavelengths of light and the reflection of green light. The exact type and amount of radiation exposure will determine the shade and intensity of the green colour in the diamond.

Green diamonds may also have secondary hues or modifiers that can impact their colour, such as yellow or grey.

Are green diamonds expensive?

Green diamonds are considered rare and valuable, making them more expensive than white diamonds. As with all diamonds, the value of a green diamond will be influenced by factors such as the intensity and quality of the colour, carat weight, clarity, and cut.

Diamonds with a deep, vivid green colour are particularly rare and highly sought after, commanding premium prices in the market. Natural green diamonds are rarer than other coloured diamonds like yellow or brown, further contributing to their high value. However, the price of green diamonds can still vary widely depending on the specific characteristics and the overall demand for these unique and captivating gemstones.