Diamond Earrings

Looking for the perfect pair of diamond earrings? We've got designs that exude elegance no matter the occasion, featuring white or natural coloured diamonds.

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Diamond Earrings from Nina's Jewellery

Add a touch of sparkle to your look with Nina's Jewellery! Our exquisite collection of diamond earrings will instantly elevate any ensemble. From the timeless classic of simple white diamond studs to striking Argyle pink diamond drop earrings, this selection of elegant diamond earrings has something for everyone.

With our varied selection of rare and unique coloured diamonds such as pink, blue, and yellow, you are sure to find a pair that is special and reflective of your personal style. Our talented jewellers can help customise the perfect pair of diamond earrings that capture your individuality and match your budget when you shop our collection of diamond pairs.

What are the styles of diamond earrings?

Diamond stud earrings are a timeless display of elegance and sophistication. With their single or clustered diamonds meticulously set in metal backings, they add an air of glamour to any ensemble.

Diamond hoop earrings add a special touch of elegance to your look, no matter the occasion. From delicate and subtle styles perfect for everyday wear, to bolder pieces that make a glamorous statement, these timeless circular beauties are always sure to catch someone's eye!

Diamond drop earrings will highlight your glamourous side, especially when worn with long-hair or up-dos. These earrings feature a single diamond or a cluster of diamonds that hang down from the earlobe.

Diamond chandelier earrings feature several diamonds or gemstones hanging from a central point, creating a cascading effect that's perfect for when you want to make that unforgettable entrance.

Diamond dangle earrings can elevate any look, offering the sparkle of a single diamond or a cluster of diamonds hanging from hooks or wires. Wear them with a cocktail dress or everyday jeans, expressing effortless elegance and style.

Diamond cluster earrings feature multiple small diamonds set closely together for an attention-grabbing sparkle. Perfect for those looking for a vibe that's both bold and glamourous.

Can I wear diamond earrings daily?

Yes, it's fine to wear diamond earrings every day. Nina's diamond earrings are made with quality and care, and as long as they're kept clean and well-cared for, they should easily endure daily wear and last a lifetime.

But, like all jewellery, we recommend you remove diamond earrings at bedtime, before showering and swimming, or before exercising to prevent them from getting lost or damaged.