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Choose effortless glamour, a subtle accent, or a total showstopper. Our collection of necklaces and pendants has something for every aesthetic and every occasion.

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  1. 55cm 9 Karat Diamond Cut Curb Chain
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  2. Lei white diamond circle swirl necklace
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Items 1-24 of 229

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Pendants and Necklaces from Nina's Jewellery

At Nina's Jewellery, we offer a beautiful selection of diamond and pearl pendants and necklaces that are perfect for any occasion. Choose the perfect piece for you, set with beautiful natural coloured diamonds or pearls.

Our pendants are made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and they come in a variety of styles, from classic and timeless to modern and trendy.

Our necklaces are available in a range of lengths and designs, and they can be worn alone or layered with other pieces for a unique and personalised look.

Whether you are looking for a simple and elegant pendant or a bold and eye-catching necklace, you will find the perfect piece at Nina's Jewellery.

What's the difference between a necklace and a pendant?

A necklace is typically a long chain, sometimes a strand of beads or gems. Pendants include a decorative piece attached to the necklace by a loop or bail.

What do pendants symbolise?

Pendant can symbolise a variety of things depending on their design and significance to the wearer. A gorgeous pink diamond pendant could be an expression of love and commitment, while a Boab pendant may remind you of your travels or of your home.

What is a good necklace to wear all the time?

In choosing a necklace to wear all the time, you should consider one that is durable, comfortable, and versatile enough for all occasions. Depending on your taste, this could be a simple chain necklace, an eyecatching pendant, or a classic pearl necklace in a length and style that complements all your go-to outfits.