sizing guide

In Australia, rings are measured on an alphabetical scale including half sizes. The same scale is used in Ireland and the United Kingdom. A ring that fits well will be just smaller than the second knuckle of the finger. This way the fit is comfortable but it will not slide off the finger.

Finding your ring size

measure an existing ring

If you already have a ring that fits well, simply download and print out the ring size scale.

You'll need a ruler handy to check that the page has printed out at the correct size.

Once you've confirmed the ring size scale is accurate, simply place your ring on top of it to find its corresponding size.   

Converting from another scale

If you know your ring size on the United States scale, you can use the conversion section here to find the equivalent on the Australian scale.

Measure your finger

If you don't have an existing ring that you can measure, simply follow these steps:

  • {1} Wrap a piece of string or strip of paper around the bottom of your finger where your ring will sit.
  • {2} Mark the string at the point it overlaps
  • {3} Measure the length between its end and the mark you've made. This gives you the circumference of your finger.
  • {4} Enter this measurement into the table on this page to get your ring size.


• If your knuckle is noticeably bigger than the base of your finger you may need to choose a larger size.

• If you want to secretly find out someone else's ring size, you can take one of their existing rings and place it on a print out of the ring size scale which is available above.


Ring size conversion

Finger circumference
Diameter (inside of ring)
USA ring size
British ring size
Your ring size