Diamond & Pearl Earrings

Still looking for your favourite pair of earrings? We've got you covered. From pearls to diamonds, hoops to studs, our master jewellers have curated an incredible collection where you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Diamond and Pearl Earrings from Nina's Jewellery

Looking for the perfect pair of diamond or pearl earrings? Whether you need something subtle to accompany one of your favourite outfits, or you're looking for a pair of glamorous earrings for a special occasion, Nina's Jewellery is here for you. From South Sea pearl earrings to pink diamond earrings, we've got it all.

The earrings come in yellow, white or rose gold, as well as sterling silver, so you can choose the colour and metal that best suits your unique style. Then, will you choose from our selection of gorgeous black, South Sea or freshwater pearls? If diamonds are more your mood, we have pieces featuring white diamonds, yellow diamonds, champagne diamonds, or pink diamonds.

What are the most popular styles of earrings?

Sparkling stud earrings, graceful hoop styles and dazzling dangles - these are the must-have trends in earring fashion right now. The timeless sparkle of diamond or gemstone studs can add sophistication to any look. Hoop designs range from petite elegance to bold statement pieces. And for a touch of fun and glamour, there's plenty of choice with eye-catching dangling drops that come in an array of gorgeous shapes and intricate details.

What's the best way to clean diamond and pearl earrings?

Diamond earrings can be cleaned at home - see our link for the perfect jewellery cleaner recipe. Pearls however are more delicate, and need to be treated with care - see our pearl cleaning guide for more information.

Are earrings a good gift?

Earrings are a wonderful gift for those special moments in life. From Argyle pink diamond studs to colourful pendants and delicate hoops, earrings can be tailored to suit the recipient's taste, making them a truly personal present. Whether it's as an anniversary token of love or just simply to show they mean something special, earrings are always a perfect gift.