Halo Engagement Rings

Looking for the perfect way to propose? Try one of these beautiful halo diamond engagement rings.

We can also custom design a ring just for you, so your proposal will be truly unique. Contact us for a consultation – we'd love to help make your dreams come true.


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  1. Everly white diamond halo engagement ring
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  2. Monarch marquise and round cut white diamond ring
    Special Price $9,800.00
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Items 1-24 of 47

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Halo Engagement Rings at Nina's Jewellery

Nina's Jewellery offers an exquisite range of diamond halo engagement rings featuring beautiful white diamonds, as well as a stunning selection of coloured diamonds. You can choose from pink, green, champagne or blue diamonds, or we can create a custom design for you in white, yellow or rose gold.

What is a halo diamond ring?

The halo setting is a ring of small accent stones, typically pavé diamonds, that encircle a larger centre stone.

Does a halo design protect your diamonds?

The halo protects the centre diamond (to an extent) from everyday wear and tear, like knocking or scratching against surfaces.

Are halo diamond rings popular?

Halo diamond rings are a popular style of ring.

Are halo rings dated or tacky?

Halo rings are not at all dated or tacky. They are eye-catching, sparkly and beautiful. It is a classic design that has been around since the 1920’s.

Does a halo diamond ring make a good engagement ring?

Halo diamond rings make great engagement rings as this setting creates a lot of glitz and glimmer.

Are there different styles of halo engagement rings?

There are different styles of halo engagement rings because the stones that make up the halo itself can also vary in shape from baguette and marquise to round, with the option of different setting styles.

Does a halo setting make your diamond ring look bigger?

A halo setting does make your diamond ring look bigger as the centre stone is surrounded by a shimmering ring of smaller accent diamonds. This brilliant halo optically extends the size of your centre diamond, making it look much larger.

Do halo diamond rings need special care?

Halo diamond rings don’t require special care comparative to other styles. Regardless of style every ring should be taken care of in accordance to cleaning and everyday care activities. See our guide to cleaning diamond jewellery for more details.