Argyle Pink Diamond Buying Guide

A rare opportunity to indulge, customised for your budget. Understand what makes Argyle Pink Diamonds so special. Download our Pink Diamond Buying Guide
Argyle Pink Diamonds
“Buying a pink diamond is like buying a Pablo Picasso while he was alive...
In another decade, the Argyle Pink Diamond will emerge as the new Faberge egg, the thing myths are made of. The value of rarity is the most priceless factor"


“Argyle pink diamonds outperform any other, they’re less and less available and more and more in demand.”


The rarest of the rare

Argyle pink diamonds are among the rarest gems in the world.

90% of the world's supply of pink diamonds is produced by the Argyle pink diamond mine, which produces just a champagne glass full of pink stones for every tonne of white diamonds.

Scheduled to close in 2020, these coveted stones are about to get even harder to come by.

Argyle pink diamonds
Argyle pink diamonds
Argyle pink diamonds

What to look for when buying a pink diamond

When choosing your treasure, it is essential to consider cut, colour and clarity.

For more detailed information on what to look for and what to avoid, download our free comprehensive e-book above, or contact one of our Diamond and Design Specialists, who can bring the pinks to you!

Pink Diamond Atelier

One of just 30 Select Argyle Pink Diamond Ateliers

Selected by Argyle themselves to supply and set these rare treasures, purchasing from an atelier like Nina’s is a guarantee of quality, legitimacy and commitment to excellence. Read more about Argyle Select Ateliers here. 

Certified by the GIA

Certified by the GIA

Educated and trained by the Gemological Institute of America, our staff are qualified Diamond Specialists, well versed in sourcing only the best white, coloured and pink diamonds to suit your taste, style and price point.

Why Nina’s?

Equipped with 360 degree video technology, years of knowledge and constant training updates, as well as contacts in the Argyle Diamond Mine itself and the best diamond distributors in the world, our team has found and sent diamonds to customers all over the world.

In touch with you every step of the way, we establish your needs, source options, provide video and photographs and talk you through the process- we are right there with you!

When it comes time to ship, Nina’s ship free domestically via a safe, fast and insured shipping method - no one will know the contents of that very special box, except you.

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Our team are available when and where you are able to be reached via phone, Messenger, Fresh chat, text or email - or even in person in one of our two premium show rooms.

We can even come to you. Contact us to schedule an appointment to view these unique treasures for yourself.

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