Diamond and Coloured Diamond Rings

Explore our extensive range featuring both white and natural coloured diamond rings. Looking for something completely unique? We'll help you design your own.

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Diamond Rings from Nina's Jewellery

Shop Nina's collection of beautiful white diamond and coloured diamond rings, including our collection of Argyle pink diamond rings that never cease to sparkle. From daytime outfits to your most glamorous evening attire, Nina's Jewellery has something just for you.

At Nina's, many of our diamonds are GIA certified, and our official Argyle pink diamonds all possess Lot Numbers or certificates too. Our diamond rings are created with the highest quality materials, ensuring a luxe, luxurious look and feel for many years to come. With intricate detailing and expert craftsmanship, each piece is unique and offers unrivalled beauty. Whether it's an engagement ring or a piece of everyday jewellery, you'll be delighted time and time again by these timeless treasures.

Celebrate any occasion with glittering diamond rings from Nina's Jewellery. Each precious stone is hand-picked and then set into stunning settings sure to draw admiration wherever they go. Crafted with sophisticated charm — whether set in a halo, cluster, solitaire or three stone, these gems are simply stunning.

What should I look for when choosing a diamond ring?

Finding the perfect diamond isn't about luck - there are certain, essential elements to consider for the ultimate sparkle. The 4Cs of quality (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight), setting style as well as price can make or break every ring purchase! If you're feeling a little lost in this dazzling world, our Diamond Buying Guide is here with expert advice on how to pick your perfect stone.

How do I care for my diamond ring?

Taking good care of your diamond ring is essential to keeping it looking beautiful and sparkling for years! Make sure you keep the piece clean, handle with gentle hands, and store in a safe space when not wearing.

At least once every year or two have an experienced jeweller check on its security - they can also identify any damage that needs to be fixed right away before causing further harm. For more tips on how best to look after your precious stone companion take a read through our jewellery care guide.

How many carats in the perfect diamond ring?

On the hunt for your dream diamond? Carat weight is a highly personal decision. Some may opt for an impressive and sparkly showstopper, while others prefer smaller stones with more subtle flair. Whatever size you choose will depend on your own individual style and budget - making it uniquely yours!

What diamond cuts sparkle the most?

For the ultimate sparkle, classic round cut diamonds are renowned for their dazzling brilliance, as the perfectly symmetrical shape of these gems allows them to refract light in beautiful and unique ways.

For those who prefer something more square or rectangular-shaped, princess cuts offer exceptional shimmer due to sharp uncut corners. If neither style is exactly what you're searching for, explore oval, cushion or radiant cuts. All are well known among admirers of sparkling gems.