Pearl Rings

Gorgeous Broome pearls set in white or yellow gold. These pearl rings are exquisitely crafted, destined to become a treasure.

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Pearl Rings from Nina's Jewellery

Our range of South Sea pearl rings exude luxury and beauty, the ultimate symbol of adornment. Created by master jewellers, each piece is carefully crafted from the finest materials, offering a unique look that is both timeless and sophisticated.

South Sea pearls are truly something special, lending extra elegance and sophistication with their natural iridescence and warm lustre. These pearls are known for their remarkable size and shape, making them stunningly beautiful when set in rings. Our rings also come in a range of styles from classic solitaire designs to intricate statement pieces that are sure to turn heads.

We delight in providing our customers with beautiful jewellery suited to even the most discerning tastes. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or simply wanting to treat yourself, you'll find the perfect pearl ring at Nina's Jewellery.

What types of pearls are used for pearl rings?

Pearl rings are usually crafted from one of four types of pearls: the timeless Akoya, affordable freshwater, luxurious South Sea or exotic Tahitian varieties.

Akoya is renowned for its almost perfect roundness and lustre and lovely range of colours including white cream and pink hues. Freshwater pearls can cover an array of shades like ivory lavender peach plus black too! Splendidly large with rich creamy colours, you'll find nothing quite as luxe as South Sea Pearls while unique blacks, greens, and grays are exclusive features found only on lustrous Tahitian pearl rings. Most of the pearls used at Nina's are Australia's own South Sea Pearls.

How do I care for a pearl ring?

Pearls are natural gems, porous and exotic, and are not designed for everyday wear. They require extra TLC to keep your pearl ring looking beautiful for years to come. Check out our guide on jewellery care and learn how to care for cultured pearls.

What does a pearl ring symbolise?

A pearl ring can symbolise a deep love and commitment between two people, purity of innocence in an individual's life journey or wisdom gained through experience - all depending on its context and personal significance.

Are pearl rings old fashioned?

Definitely not. While pearl rings may be associated with more traditional or vintage styles, they can also be incorporated into more modern and trendy designs.