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Stackable Diamond Rings from Nina's Jewellery

Stackable diamond rings are a perfect way to complete any outfit with style and sophistication. Crafted from only the finest materials, these delicate rings feature stunning coloured diamond accents that sparkle and shine. Whether you choose a single ring or mix-and-match designs, this stunning collection is sure to add an elegant touch to any ensemble. Available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, each of the pieces from Nina's Jewellery gives you a unique look that's as timeless as it is beautiful.

What are stackable rings?

Stackable rings are rings that are designed to be worn in a stacked or layered arrangement, with multiple rings on the same finger. These fashionable pieces of jewellery can be thin and delicate or solid and sturdy, coming in a range of styles from chic to bold. Mix and match unique colours and materials for the perfect match - you can create endlessly beautiful combinations that make expressing yourself easier than ever before!

Should you size up for stackable rings?

Generally, there is no need to size up if the rings are 2mm or thinner. Stackable rings are designed to be worn in a stacked or layered arrangement. When in doubt, visit your local jeweller to be sized by a professional.

What order is best for stacking rings?

Truly, this is up to you! Your creativity is your best accessory when it comes to crafting an eye-catching jewellery stack.

For a more classic, polished style try arranging from largest to smallest with the most prominent ring being first and foremost. For something more unique, why not get eclectic? Unleash your imagination by mixing up sizes and shapes for a playful but powerful combo that makes each piece shine in its own right.

Can I mix metals when stacking rings?

Yes, it's fine to mix metals when stacking rings. Have some fun by combining different textured golds, white and yellow gold, or even rose-tinted hues for an eclectic flair.