How to secretly measure your partner's ring size

How to secretly measure your partner's ring size
secretly measure your partner's ring size
So, the time is right, and you’re ready to propose?

Great! Nina's has taken our decades of experience and showcased it in this blog as a step-by-step guide so that you can truly embrace and enjoy your fairy tale proposal. After all, you've already done the hard part and found the perfect partner. Now, let us help you find the perfect sparkle! 


Tips & Tricks 


Buy now and get it resized later

You can always buy the dream ring and get it resized later! All engagement rings purchased at Nina's are entitled to a free resizing after purchase. It is common to have the ring brought in for resizing after a successful proposal!

Nina's has done the hard work for you and identified Nina's most loved engagement rings, sure to make any woman's heart skip a beat. Or, if you want more information on engagement ring characteristics, options and trends, check out our engagement rings blog.


Borrow one of your partner's rings

If you are on your way to getting engaged, then the likelihood that you have access to her jewellery collection would be high. With such access comes great responsibility - handle with care! Keep in mind that if she hasn't worn the ring on her ring finger, it won't be an accurate size for reference. 

Preparation is key! You can use her jewellery collection to identify what characteristics she may desire in an engagement ring!

Check out Nina's engagement ring collection to see if our sparkle sparks your interest. 


Ask one of her friends or family members who might know

Another approach you can consider to determine your partner's ring size is enlisting some backup! If you're comfortable involving a close friend or family member in the surprise, they might be able to assist you in finding out your partner's ring size.  Sharing this exciting secret not only adds an element of delight but also allows your loved ones to be part of the special moment.

buying an engagement ring for a secret proposal

Pop in for a sneaky showroom sizing

Here is when Nina's double agent style comes into play. Call ahead and tell us what you need, and then bring your partner with you to "have an existing piece cleaned" (this is free).

While we're cleaning, one of our other sneaky staff can arrange for your partner to have their ring size taken. Then we can pass our intel and recommendations over to you later. Shop together, and buy in secret!

To orchestrate a secret operation; "Find out her ring size", contact us today.


Ask us or ask them 

Surprisingly, we may already have your partner's ring size on file if they have visited one of our stores before. This could save you some detective work! Alternatively, you could take a more casual approach and ask about their ring size as part of a trivia game or simply have an open conversation about it.

Remember, proposing should be a fun and exciting experience that reflects your unique love story. It's important to orchestrate your engagement in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to both of you. If involving your partner in the process is something you desire, then go for it! Embrace the joy and excitement of this special milestone together.

Do what suits your partnership; if this sounds like you, book a consultation with Nina's to help you find the perfect ring together.


Get the diamond now and the ring later 

A trending practice is to propose with just the diamond or a placeholder ring and then design or choose the final ring design together- after she says yes!

Nina’s offers a unique experience using our jewellery CAD software system, allowing you and your partner to design your engagement ring with limitless style, setting, stones, and colour permutations. Your design is made-to-order in our workshop with the finest craftsmanship, quality gold and diamonds.

Want to create your dream ring? Then click here to craft perfection.

jeweller crafting a unique engagement ring


Frequently asked questions


Can I resize an engagement ring if I get it wrong?

Of course, you can get an engagement ring resized if you get the wrong size. Nina's offers free resizing with any engagement ring purchase! 


Is it better to resize a ring up or down? 

It is better to size down. It's much easier to resize a ring that's too big than to resize a ring that's too small.


How many sizes can a ring be resized?

It can depend on the particular design, but generally, a ring can be resized up and down four sizes.


Does resizing ruin a ring? 

No, resizing a ring does not ruin it. Resizing an engagement ring makes it a perfect fit for the intended owner of the ring.


How much does resizing cost? 

The cost of resizing a ring depends on a variety of factors. These include the characteristics of the ring and how many sizes up or down require adjustment. 


What is the average ring size for women? 

The average ring size for women is O.


What is the average ring size for men?

The average ring size for men is U. 

What’s the most accurate way to measure ring size? 

The most accurate way to measure ring size is by using a measuring tape. Check out Nina’s ring size chart for guidance and other informative sizing tips.



Let Nina’s help with the perfect ring for your perfect moment!

Nina’s uses only the best quality natural materials, crafted with skill and guaranteed to make a statement.  With more than 50 years of experience, you will be in expert hands when choosing her forever ring.

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Author: Danae Wilson

Fact-checked by: Emma Donovan