Celebrating the women of Nina's: Deb Turner

Celebrating the women of Nina's: Deb Turner
If you've never encountered the Deb Turner, you are missing out.

Attracted to all things shiny, she may actually be a magpie in human form. With enthusiasm for days and inspiration coming out of her ears, Deb is currently completing her studies to be Nina's resident Gemmologist with the GIA, and attacking every challenge with good humour and whimsy - frankly, this author wants to be her when she grows up.

Deb Turner


Deb Turner



Product Designer, Culture Manager, HR Superhero, Brown Poodle Enthusiast


How would you describe yourself?

Really really lucky. Pretty much a noisy scrub bird. Forgetful. Entirely delighted and distracted by the next thing.


Who inspires you?

Steve Turner (CEO and husband extraordinaire) because he asks me what I have to do every morning, and it's usually before I get out of the shower! Our kids, because they let me in when I met their Dad, and they are 27 and 30, and they call me for stuff, and I call them to ask what telly or car to buy. But they are just bloody marvellous, and I love them. The awesome bunch of people that I work with as Nina's - they are the ones that give me the great feels to keep going.


Deb Steve Lucy

Deb, Steve and their dog Lucy adventuring on the high seas.

What's on your 'To-Do' List?

My short-term goal is to finish an assignment on GEM Identification and grading - it's 500 stones, and the last part of my Gemmology Diploma with the GIA

I've just achieved a personal goal - I just did my dive ticket, which was a pretty big bucket list item. We hope to sail the outer Barrier Reef next year in 2019, we sailed across the Atlantic - that was ace!

Finally, my long-term goal is to find out about Nano plastics and how they affect our Oceans and food chain and then do something to help prevent problems.


What are you most passionate about right now?

Diving, design, gemmology, gardening and our team at work. (Deb has just combined two of her passions and designed Nina's latest range of pink diamond jewellery inspired by the ocean!)


How long have you been with Nina's, and what attracted you to working with us?

I used to work next door to the Dunsborough store, and my aunt pointed out the 'boy' that worked there (again, Steve Turner). We didn't know then that it was his business - that was 17 years ago! I wasn't going to work for him, no way, I just wanted him for playtime! But eventually, we weakened after I finished a business degree, and we have been working together for 11 years.

I have always loved fine jewellery. As a clueless teenager, I got the cold shoulder from the grumpy old lady in antique jewellers when I was a cadet in banking in Melbourne. I always knew I could do better than that, so I wanted to help everybody who came into our business try on, learn and see our passion for diamonds and design. It is about the story and the symbolism for me; I truly love it.

Deb boat Nina's

Deb at her two favourite places - out at sea and at Nina's!

What is your favourite part of your job?

The joy, the customers, the stories, the faces, the privilege of being selected to provide an heirloom. That and when people come to us in the workplace and I see them grow in their careers


What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

At the moment, we need more jewellers - so working on trying to find people to join the incredibly talented team we have here. The process is so slow.


What is your favourite Nina's piece - past or present - and why?

My engagement ring. Steve created it for me, featuring just the most divine fancy yellow cushion cut diamond. I never anticipated that I would get married. It has been such a joyful ride. The first designs were made from my sketches for customers. These showed me that I could draw when I had only ever doodled. Now I design pieces in CAD, which floats my boat too.

Deb aquatic designs

Deb's ocean-inspired designs featuring Argyle pink diamonds. From left to right: Urchin Necklace, Babylon Ring and Ursula Ring.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to pursue a career in jewellery?

Work, work, work. Study as much as you can. Follow your dream as quietly and as determinedly as you can. If you want to be a jeweller, approach jewellery stores and truly bother them about being their next apprentice. In fact, bother us! If you want to be a designer, go to TAFE or uni and learn about design. Learn CAD. Draw, paint, make. Never stop learning. And suck it up when you mess it up.


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