Laura Brown

Laura Brown
Sales Manager and GIA Certified Diamond Specialist
Laura Brown oversees the sales teams in the Nina’s Jewellery Dunsborough and online stores.
With a proven track record of excellence, Laura combines her passion for exemplary end-to-end customer service with her commitment to positive company culture to ensure everyone at Nina's leaves better for their time there. 

Expertise and Accomplishments:

GIA Certified: Laura proudly holds the prestigious GIA Certified Diamond qualification, signifying her deep knowledge and proficiency in the world of diamonds.
GRAFF Retail Training: Laura has successfully completed the rigorous GRAFF retail training program, enhancing her understanding of how to provide consistently outstanding customer service so that all interactions are positive and leave an everlasting impression. 

GRAFF Management Training: Laura is currently undertaking GRAFF management training to continue to develop and improve her already impressive leadership skills 

Custom Design Expert: Laura plays a pivotal role in managing the Custom Make department, overseeing the creation of bespoke jewellery pieces tailored to each client's unique vision.


Notable Achievements:

Laura's commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail has made her an integral part of Nina's Jewellery's success.

Kununurra Store - Laura is the only team member ever to have successfully run all 3 of our locations within a single calendar year.

Interesting Fact: Laura is known for her calm demeanour. Even in fast-paced environments, she is a pillar of strength and support for her team. 
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Author: Danae Wilson
Fact-checked by: Laura Brown