Emma Donovan

Emma Donovan
GIA Certified Diamond and Custom Design Specialist

Emma Donovan is based in Nina's Jewellery's Dunsborough's showroom. With years of experience working in the jewellery industry, Emma's expertise and passion for perfection are a driving force behind our Custom Design program. 

Emma embarked on her journey with Nina’s Jewellery in 2019 and has been putting the ‘diamond’ in ‘diamond standard’ ever since. 

Expertise and Accomplishments:

GIA Certified: Emma holds the prestigious GIA Certified Diamond and Design qualification, making her an authority in diamond evaluation and jewellery design.
Custom Design Mastermind: Emma's passion is bringing to life the extraordinary pieces that make up our Custom Design program - if you can imagine it (or even if you can't!), she can make it. 
GRAFF Retail Training: Emma has also completed the rigorous GRAFF retail training program, further enhancing her customer service skills.


Notable Achievements:

Shopping with Emma is an immersive experience of positivity, inspiration and quality.

Emma's expertise and passion for creating exquisite custom jewellery have led to her involvement in some of Nina’s Jewellery's most remarkable custom pieces. 

A selection of her most inspired pieces includes:
Interesting Fact: Argyle blue diamonds are Emma's not-so-secret passion. If you are in the market for a blue diamond, then a conversation with Emma should be at the top of your bucket list. 

Emma's dedication to creating breathtaking jewellery and her commitment to quality make her a standout professional in the industry. Connect with Emma today to turn your custom-piece aspirations into reality, or let her help you find the design of your desires among our ready-made pieces.

[Email] emmad@ninas.co

[LinkedIn] https://www.linkedin.com/in/emma-donovan-489a68287/


Author: Danae Wilson

Fact-checked by: Emma Donovan