Celebrating the women of Nina's: Emma Donovan

Celebrating the women of Nina's: Emma Donovan
We are thrilled to share with you one of our secret sales weapons - Ms Emma Donovan.

A veritable ray of sunshine, Emma brings her boundless enthusiasm and can-do attitude to every task, and leaves everyone who interacts with her better for it.

We weren't sure who was more excited about this interview, us or Emma! 


Emma Donovan | Nina's Jewellery


Emma Donovan


GIA Certified Diamond & Design Specialist


Dunsborough Store, Western Australia

How would you describe yourself?

Bright, bubbly and vibrant

Where can we find you when you aren't picking the best of Nina's diamonds for your lucky customers? (We aren't kidding; Emma always finds the best ones!)

I don't sit still - I'm always outdoors! A typical day starts with coffee and breakfast at my local cafe, then I jump in the 4WD. I LOVE adventuring and finding waterfalls and amazing views.

I'm often in Collie visiting my friends, swimming and camping at Stockton Lake or going back home to Nannup.
If I have to be inside, it's to cook extravagant meals (I love cooking!), reading a book or going out and eating at restaurants on my days off.
Emma's WA adventures
Emma loves to hop in the 4WD and visit Nannup and other favourite spots around the southwest region of WA

What's at the top of your bucket list?

To be honest, probably to hold a fish! I know it sounds ridiculous but I am terrified of them! I'd also like to hike through the mountain ranges in Washington, USA.

What are you most passionate about?

Diamonds and working with people! I'm so lucky that this role with Nina's lead me right to discovering these passions. It's allowed me to continue my studies as a diamond specialist. Working with like-minded people makes my job even better. I count myself so lucky that this is what I get to do every day!

How long have you been with Nina's, and what attracted you to working with us?

I have been with Nina's for just over a year. As soon as I saw the wide the range of tasks my role entailed and how much there was to learn, I immediately knew this was the place for me! From the moment I walked in the door, everyone was so incredible and welcoming. 

What is your favourite part of your job?

Do we have a couple of hours? Ha ha! I love how every single day is so different and new. I am constantly learning and my brain is so stimulated.

I love working with my wonderful clients and bringing ideas and designs to life. I also love how hands-on this role is; from sketching ideas to hand-picking each diamond, there is never a dull moment. I have so much creative freedom!

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
Staying on top of every single detail. This role is so complex, in only the best ways, and, as we are constantly moving forward, it requires so much attention to detail. It is actually something I really love my job; it's shown me how much I am capable of and I'm never bored!
What is your favourite Nina's piece - past or present - and why?

I am constantly falling in love with pieces here (it's so hard not to!) so let me just go get my wish list of 4,000 pieces of jewellery!

Argyle pink diamond jewellery | Nina's Jewellery
A couple of Emma's favourites: the Gardenia pendant and the J'adore ring


Currently, my favourite would have to be our incredible J'adore pink diamond ring. It sparkles from a mile away and is such an eye catcher.

However my all-time favourite is our Gardenia pink diamond pendant. From the moment I saw it, I knew it had to be mine!

What are your long-term career goals?

I want to always be growing and moving forward. I love to challenge myself so I want to continue my studies and take on new roles. I also want to create really strong, lasting relationships with my clients.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to pursue a career in Sales?
• Forget everything you know!
• Be really open-minded to new ways and ideas and you will thrive.
• Personal drive and motivation and a genuine love for working with people definitely help too. 

Emma and her dog