Sunset stones: An introduction to orange diamonds

Sunset stones: An introduction to orange diamonds

Sunset Stones


Diamonds come in as many hues as the rainbow, some of them so rare they are near unobtainable. One of our favourites is the inspiring shades of the elusive orange diamond. 

Orange diamonds develop when nitrogen is present witin the carbon lattice of a diamond's structure. This is a rare geological condition and results in shades, ranging from soft peach to vivid fiery ambers! These colours are incredibly hard to come across in pure form, that is, undiluted by brown or yellow. 

Prized for their intensity, and historically referred to as 'fire diamonds', orange diamonds are the choice of the energetic, the confident and the courageous. One was famously worn by Halle Balle to the 2002 Academy Awards when she won Best Actress.

At Nina’s, we have access to some of the most luxurious and unique orange diamonds in the world via the Argyle Diamond Mine, resulting in an intense romance with these ember-inspired beauties.

We love them so much, our CEO has one in his wedding ring, hand-selected by our own GIA certified diamond specialist, his lovely wife!

Think an orange diamond, rare and upbeat, sounds like you? Ask us how you can obtain one of these precious picks, or shop our collection of coloured diamonds here.



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