Nina's custom designs: The Meg

Nina's custom designs: The Meg
With over 50 years of experience designing jewellery, we delight in fine-tuning the process and making it as enjoyable as possible. We also love to showcase some of the precious pieces crafted on-site in our Dunsborough workshop.
Introducing the “Meg”...

The inspiration

The Meg Argyle pink diamond ring is a grand gesture of love… A symbol of everlasting adoration set in an eternal sparkle. 
The central feature of this custom ring is the 0.045ct, 6-7P/PP (pink, purplish-pink) diamond, a rare colour grade that has demanded praise from the moment it was unearthed. The natural Australian sparkle found its forever family as a devoted, loving husband visited the Nina's Dunsborough store in search of the perfect Christmas present. He instantly fell in love with the premium diamond and gifted it to his deserving wife as a token of his love.

The "Meg" is named after our client's darling daughter, who will one day own this incredible Argyle pink diamond ring. The Meg Argyle pink diamond ring holds tremendous significance and personalisation, destined to be the family's most precious treasure. 
We, the team at Nina's, thank you for trusting us with such a significant custom design. It was a privilege to bring our client's dreams to life; we hope you love it as much as we all do!

The creation

Deb, our resident Gemmologist and Jewellery Specialist has built a longstanding business and social friendship with her client. Thanks to Deb's dedication to creating incredible custom designs and her years of experience, her client knew she was the diamond-loving woman for the job!
Through extensive conversation, Deb formed a clear understanding of the design brief; it would incorporate a certain fineness of detail and a definite feminine feel.
"My client wanted an Art Deco hexagon-shaped design with the pair of pear-shaped diamonds visible.
We added a magnificent halo of dark pink Argyle diamonds to make the ring pop.
Incorporating rose and white gold settings creates a contrast that aids in emphasising the beautiful colours.
We played around with all the different halo layouts before falling in love with the final version." - Deb. 

Fine detail and feminine design

The design incorporates plenty of feminine features and fine detail: milgrain edges, diamonds of varying shapes and sizes, plus small double-collars on the shoulders.


Tailored to the wearer

The customer is a very active person, so Deb designed the ring with a low-profile. This lowers the chance it will catch on things or be knocked about in her everyday life.

Altogether the design and craftsmanship of the Meg Argyle pink diamond ring required twenty-four weeks.
With his appreciation for extravagant designs, Nina's Master jeweller thoroughly enjoyed creating this masterpiece and crafting its intricate details.
"To come across a ring with this many superior hand-matched Argyle pink diamonds set in such an innovative design is breathtaking and exceptionally rare. " - Nina's Master Jeweller

The masterpiece

At its heart, The Meg features the original 6-7P/PP Argyle pink diamond bought by her husband. This is surrounded by not one, but two sparkly halos!

The first halo features ten white diamonds while the second incorporates fourteen incredibly dark 5P Argyle pink diamonds with a combined weight of 0.14ct. Each of these hard-to-find pink diamonds has been hand-selected so their size, shape and colour match perfectly.

The main design elements of this ring are bordered with vintage-style milgrain. Crafted from 18 karat rose and white gold, it has been expertly-set with a total of 31 diamonds including two amazing, colourless 0.08ct pear-shaped diamonds on its shoulders.

This phenomenal collection of premium diamonds is displayed beautifully in a statement ring with everyday capacity. What more could you want?

Are you feeling inspired?

Our team of highly experienced GIA Certified Diamond and Design Specialists are ready to help you begin your journey to create the perfect piece or to find your perfect diamond. 


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