How to upgrade your engagement ring

How to upgrade your engagement ring

how to upgrade your engagement ring

Thinking about upgrading your engagement ring? You're not alone! Many people these days choose to refresh their engagement ring designs, sometimes completely changing to new styles or adding extra diamonds. You can even work with a jeweller to keep the original diamond and come away with what looks like an entirely new ring.

And just because diamonds are forever doesn't mean these timeless treasures won't benefit from a refresh. No sentimental value will be lost, especially if your old ring no longer suits you. Maybe you chose a traditional ring when you got married and now your tastes have changed. It's perfectly acceptable to upgrade your engagement ring - it still represents your love! 

Whether it's a bigger diamond, a new setting, or a customised redesign with more diamonds that you’re looking for, Nina's Jewellery can help. Our experts have put together this guide to share some of the most popular ways to upgrade your engagement ring so that you'll love it even more every time you see it next to your wedding ring.

Popular ways to upgrade an engagement ring

Change the original centre stone

engagement ring with beautiful diamonds and a large centre stone

Changing the original stone is one of the biggest changes you can make, but if your heart wants a larger diamond, a different cut, or even a different stone altogether, this is the way to go.

When you change the existing diamond, this is your chance to increase the diamond size or include a new stone that has improved quality. A larger diamond will dramatically change the appearance and almost certainly make you feel as though you have a new ring. Even if you keep the same carat weight, choosing a new stone with improved clarity, colour, or a different cut can also dramatically enhance your ring's beauty.

In many cases, the ring's setting must be adjusted or wholly remade to accommodate a larger diamond. Your jeweller will evaluate the current setting and recommend the necessary changes. For example, the prongs on your ring may need to be repositioned, or a new mounting might be required.

Please note that not all carat sizes will necessarily work, so be sure you work with an experienced jewellery designer you can trust. They will make sure the new, larger stone is proportionate to the current ring band and any side stones or additional design elements. 

Add a splash of colour(ed diamonds)

Coloured diamond engagement rings have been getting more attention in the media recently thanks to some notable celebrity engagement rings. Upgrading your engagement ring to include coloured diamonds would be a bold and beautiful choice if you want your new diamond ring to be a showstopper.

Ready to see a sparkle of colour next to your wedding band? Change the original centre stone of your ring to a gorgeous natural pink diamond. You can also choose from natural blue, yellow, green, orange, champagne, and even black diamonds for your engagement ring. Our coloured diamond experts can develop your dream ring design with matching diamond pairs and trios of diamonds for more sparkle.

Add more diamonds or design details

upgrade your engagement ring by adding more diamonds

You can also upgrade by incorporating new stones or additional design details. Maybe you don’t want to let go of the original engagement ring design because of its sentimental value but want to add more personality to it.

Additional diamonds can also be a great choice if the original diamond has sentimental value, but you'd like to add more sparkle. Maybe you began with a simple solitaire engagement ring, but now have your eye on a three stone design or a diamond halo. An excellent jewellery designer can work with you to preserve elements of your original ring to help create the engagement ring of your dreams.

Change the setting style

close-up of a jewellery using a tool to modify an engagement ring

Another significant engagement ring upgrade is changing the setting style. The setting choice will be dictated in part by your diamond, but also by how you want to highlight that diamond's beauty.

  • Solitaire. Solitaire engagement rings are one of the most classic choices and remain an extremely popular option for engagement rings. It features a single diamond or gemstone set in the ring without any additional stones on the band. Choose this if you want to focus entirely on the centre stone without distractions.
  • Halo. The halo setting features a centre stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This setting is an excellent option if you want the centre stone to appear larger and have extra sparkle.
  • Bezel. This ring setting might be the best option if you have an active lifestyle. In a bezel setting, a metal rim surrounds the centre stone's perimeter and extends slightly above it to secure and protect the gemstone's edges. It also gives the engagement ring a sleek, modern look.
  • Pavé. The pavé setting is perfect if you love the intricate detail and extra sparkle. It features small diamonds or gemstones set closely together, held in place with tiny metal beads. This creates a dazzling surface of stones that shines brilliantly from every angle.
  • Channel. The channel setting is an excellent choice for a contemporary and smooth finish. It features diamonds or gemstones set into a channel made from two metal strips. This ring setting is often used for wedding bands or as side-stone settings in engagement rings. 
  • Tension. The tension setting is for those who appreciate a modern and unique look. In this setting, the gemstone is held in place by the pressure of the metal band pushing into both sides of the stone, creating the illusion of the centre stone floating.


Opt for a different metal

gold engagement ring with a champagne diamond and smaller white diamonds

Choosing a different metal type for your engagement ring is another significant upgrade in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. 

White gold is popular for its platinum-like appearance that complements your diamond’s sparkle. While corrosion-resistant, white gold requires more regular replating to maintain its pristine finish compared to other metals.

Rose gold, known for its romantic appeal, can be more durable than white gold because of its higher copper content. Just ensure you get pure rose gold metal and not rose-gold plating. The latter is prone to tarnishing and oxidising.

Platinum is your best choice if you’re after high durability and low upkeep. It's less likely to break because it’s one of the strongest metals. But, of course, this comes at a higher price tag. As a more budget-friendly yet durable alternative, you can go for the palladium metal type. 

If you’re looking for hypoallergenic options, yellow gold and tungsten are two of the safest options.

Collaborate with a jeweller for a custom design

Working with a jeweller on a custom ring design is perfect if you want a completely one-of-a-kind ring. You can ask them to engrave important dates or messages, use meaningful gemstones or include design elements that are significant to you and your relationship.

With their help, you can also modernise an old ring or design a new one from scratch. They'll help you make beautiful, practical choices within your budget and thoroughly explain the ring upgrade process. 

Preparing to upgrade your engagement ring

Before you meet with your jewellery designer, think about what you do and don't love about your current engagement ring. Do you want a more modern look, a classic design, or something unique and personalised? Do you love the diamond but think adding accents will make you love it more?

Next, decide how much you are willing to spend on the upgrade. This will help guide your decisions and keep your plans realistic. Remember, upgrades can range from simple and relatively inexpensive to complex and costly.

Why do people upgrade their engagement rings?

why people upgrade their engagement rings

Still feeling unsure that upgrading your engagement ring is okay? We assure you that it is! Below are a few common reasons people upgrade their rings.

Celebrating milestones

One of the most common reasons people opt for an engagement ring upgrade is to celebrate significant achievements or mark a special event such as a milestone anniversary or the birth of a child.

The ring upgrade serves as a beautiful reminder of these special moments and a way to mark the journey and the shared experiences that have deepened the bond between partners.

Adding pink diamonds or blue diamonds to represent children or grandchildren is popular!

Changing personal style

As we evolve, so do our tastes and preferences. What appealed to us years ago might not resonate with our current style. We could also be now in a better financial position than when we first got engaged.

This increased budget allows more flexibility in choosing a new ring that aligns with your new aesthetic preferences. The upgraded ring reflects the person you have become in style and life!

Adding other sentimental pieces

Some choose to upgrade their engagement rings by incorporating elements from other sentimental jewellery pieces, like using gemstones from a family heirloom or merging the current ring with another significant piece of jewellery. This approach adds personal history and emotional value to an existing ring.

Ring damage or wear

Damage or wear is another common reason to upgrade your engagement ring. Daily activities, exposure to elements–such as sweat and grime, and the passage of time can all take their toll on a ring's appearance and structural integrity. 

Because they want to

Need we say more? It's okay to upgrade your engagement ring and it will not be considered rude. Talk to your partner and family members if you are concerned, but you can let them know that these kinds of upgrades are commonplace.

Upgrade your engagement ring at Nina’s

Ready to upgrade your diamond engagement ring? At Nina's, we offer custom ring design. Whether you're looking to change the diamond, update the setting, or completely redesign your ring, our team of expert jewellers is here to bring your vision to life. Book a consultation to get started.


This blog was fact checked by Laura Brown, Sales Manager & GIA Certified Diamond & Design Specialist.