Nina's custom designs: The Aileen

Nina's custom designs: The Aileen
With over 50 years of experience designing jewellery, we delight in fine-tuning the process and making it as enjoyable as possible. We also love to showcase some of the precious pieces crafted on-site in our Dunsborough workshop.
Introducing the “Aileen”...


The inspiration

The Aileen Argyle pink diamond pendant is a heartfelt gesture created to celebrate the life of a truly remarkable woman; A touching tale of a daughter honouring her late mother by encapsulating her essence in a truly exceptional custom piece, destined to become a family heirloom.

The Aileen, named after our client's precious mother, is destined to be cherished, to spark joy and to symbolise that she, too, was a bright shining diamond whose sparkle will never fade. 

"As a remembrance to my mother, I wanted something special like she was,
something I can pass down to future generations"
- Client.

The team here at Nina's, are all enamoured with this phenomenal custom design and the eternal love and admiration it represents. Thank you to our dearest client for honouring us with your trust! Creating such a pendant with such meaning for you and your family was a privilege. 

The creation

Emma, our resident GIA Certified Diamond & Design Specialist and her client have established a strong foundation of trust and dependability. Thanks to the client's many delightful visits to the Nina's Dunsborough store, the relationship has developed organically over time.

The idea to create a custom piece of jewellery together came from a light-hearted conversation between two people with a passion for fine jewellery and a love of Argyle pink diamonds. Emma knew she had the perfect natural pink Australian sparkle for her client, and like many of us, she instantly fell in love with its superior 5PP colour grade. 

Emma took to her digital sketchbook, illustrating various design possibilities with her client's style in mind and matching the pieces of Nina’s jewellery she already owned.


The rough digital sketches were the first steps towards the well-polished Aileen pendant we see today.

Altogether the design and craftsmanship of the Aileen Argyle pink pendant required ten weeks.

At completion, Nina's Master Jeweller expressed his excitement about working with the exceptionally rare, 0.38 carat radiant-cut 5PP Argyle pink diamond to create such a premium pendant. 

The masterpiece

The Aileen boasts a 0.38 carat, radiant-cut 5PP (purple-pink) Argyle pink diamond that sparkles at the centre of a double-halo of white diamonds set in 18k rose and white gold—a truly spectacular design crafted from premium materials.

Are you feeling inspired?

Our team of highly experienced GIA Certified Diamond and Design Specialists are ready to help you begin your journey to create the perfect piece or to find your perfect diamond. 

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