The Crown Jewels: The most exquisite, one-of-a-kind diamond rings at Nina’s!

The Crown Jewels: The most exquisite, one-of-a-kind diamond rings at Nina’s!

The Crown Jewels: The Most Exquisite, One-Of-A-Kind Diamond Rings At Nina’s!

At Nina’s Jewellery, we’re proud to be Australia’s coloured diamond specialists, and one of just a few Argyle Select Pink Diamond Ateliers in the world. Over our long history, we’ve collected quite a few exquisite diamonds – thanks to the expertise of our diamond buyers.

We take pride in each and every ring and piece of jewellery we make at Nina’s. But, of course, there are always a few stones and rings that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our team of experienced jewellers has turned these raw gemstones into incomparable works of art. We call these our “crown jewels.” These are the most stunning, valuable, and beautiful rings at Nina’s – and they all have a unique history behind them.

For all you lovers of diamond jewellery, here is a sneak peek at Nina’s Crown Jewels below!

Omarosa & Verona – A matching pair, made in heaven

Meet Omarosa and Verona. When our diamond buyer took his latest trip to the diamond markets overseas, he couldn’t resist this twinned pair of oval pink diamonds – and the gorgeous, pure white oval-cut diamond that makes up the centrepiece of each of these unique rings.

These rings feature a matched set of 2 oval-cut, 6PP 0.13 carat weight pink diamonds, with the centre stone being a 0.4 carat white D stone that has exceptional clarity and fire, set on an 18-karat yellow gold band in a prong setting.

Verona has already found a home on the finger of a lucky lady in Australia, so she is no longer part of our collection. However, Omarosa has not yet found a forever home, so you can see this unique ring on display in one of our Nina’s showrooms.


Valkyrie – A gorgeous, golden ring, fit for the gods

Valkyrie is a ring that’s fit for a goddess, and was named for the Valkyries - powerful female spirits which escorted fallen warriors to Valhalla, the afterlife. And when you see this ring, you may just feel like you’re in heaven, too!

It’s set with a truly superior 1.22 carat GIA certified radiant cut yellow diamond, flanked by two 0.24 carat brilliant cut white diamonds, and accented by a total of 44 tiny diamonds set along the yellow gold band. Its beautiful shine and sparkle makes it one of the most eye catching rings at Nina’s.


Empress – A regal diamond perfect for a powerful lady

Bring out your inner monarch. The Empress ring is built around an Argyle champagne diamond with a carat weight of 2.06. The sparkle and fire of this champagne stone has to be seen to be believed.

To bring out the beauty of the centre stone, two round white brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.82 carat have been brought to the party. The ring is prong-mounted in a yellow and white gold setting. The contrasting gold helps build the contrast between the champagne and white diamonds, leading to a totally one-of-a-kind appearance that’s as regal as it is beautiful.


The Peony – The true “Crown Jewel” of our collection

There is no diamond at Nina’s more precious than The Peony, our Argyle Pink Diamond Tender stone from the 2013 collection. This oval cut, 0.60 carat fancy intense pink diamond is one of the most valuable we’ve ever purchased, and truly must be seen to be believed.

The Peony has also graced the red carpet, having once been set in an intricate ring and worn by Jules Sebastian at the ARIAs, however now you can view this truly rare piece of Australian sparkle in one of our Nina’s showrooms.


Ambrosia – A halo ring so beautiful, you’ll be on cloud nine

The Ambrosia Argyle Pink Diamond Ring was inspired by and named for the striking appearance of the Ambrosia lily, with a 0.21 carat, 4 pink purple diamond nestled among a white-diamond halo consisting of 96 round brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 0.48 carats. The striking colour of the diamonds is only enhanced by the brilliant rose, white and gold setting.


Paradise – Incomparable radiance and flaming brilliance

Paradise is not lost – it’s right here. This exceptional ring is set with a coveted GIA Certified orange diamond weighing 1 full carat, and the blistering radiance of this centre stone is accented by four gorgeous, white round brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.68 carat. Set in an 18k karat gold ring, this ring is sure to make a statement on any finger.


Tempest – Beauty in the midst of a storm

Where did the Tempest get its name? From the stormy colour of the 2.12 carat Argyle champagne diamond that makes up its centrepiece. This radiant cut diamond has a pure, brilliant clarity that flashes through this stone as it turns, mimicking the flashes of lightning in a storm.

Surrounding the stormy centre stone is a series of round white brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.5 carats, reminiscent of the pouring rains that come with the storm – and the bright skies that follow the clearing of a tempest. This ring is set in an 18 karat white diamond ring that further accentuates its gorgeous design.


See our Crown Jewels in person – Contact Nina’s Jewellery today!

Tired of just reading about what we have to offer? Feel free to contact Nina’s Jewellery right away. We are always happy to talk diamonds - whether your looking to see this incredible stones in person, or exploring beyond. Reach out online or by phone or live chat, and come and see our Crown Jewels for yourself!


Fact-checked by: Emma Donovan 

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