Argyle Pink Diamonds

Now more precious than ever due to the recent closure of the Argyle mine in Western Australia, there’s no better time to capture your own Argyle pink diamond.

Nina’s are proud to be one of just 30 master craftsmen in the world known as Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, entrusted by Argyle to create for and sell these unique stones, thanks to our longstanding reputation for quality and integrity. Let our certified GIA and Argyle Diamond Specialists guide you as you treat yourself to your perfect pink.

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  1. Paquin green and Argyle pink diamond open ring
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Items 97-120 of 461

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Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery from Nina's Jewellery

At Nina's Jewellery, we are passionate about Argyle pink diamonds and their incredible beauty. Our collection of pink diamond jewellery features a range of stunning pieces, including pink diamond rings, pink diamond pendants, and pink diamond earrings, each crafted with the highest quality pink diamonds and precious metals. Whether you're looking for a classic pink diamond ring to mark a special occasion, a delicate pink diamond pendant to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, or a pair of glamorous pink diamond earrings to make a statement, our collection offers something for every taste and style.

In addition to our selection of Argyle pink diamond jewellery, we offer loose Argyle pink diamonds for those looking to create their own unique jewellery. Our loose pink diamonds are hand-selected for their exceptional natural pink hue, clarity, and brilliance, ensuring you get only the best. Our coloured diamond experts are available to provide guidance and advice, helping you to find the perfect pink diamond to suit your needs. Each piece in our collection is also crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We want to ensure that it's love at first sight when you find your perfect piece of pink diamond jewellery and that it's made to last a lifetime.

Is pink diamond jewellery more expensive than white diamond jewellery?

Pink diamond jewellery can be more expensive than its white counterpart due to the beauty and scarcity of these precious gems. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia used to be a major source of pink diamonds, but it has since closed, adding another layer of exclusivity. However, the value of a diamond is ultimately determined by a range of factors, including the carat weight, clarity, and cut, as well as the quality of the metal used in the setting.

Where are pink diamonds found in Australia?

Pink diamonds were primarily mined in Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, which operated for over three decades and was responsible for producing over 90% of the world's supply of pink diamonds. With the closure of the mine in 2020, these coveted stones are becoming more precious and even harder to come by.

Have Argyle pink diamonds gone up in value?

Yes, Argyle pink diamonds have gone up in value in recent years. Pink diamonds were already rare, and the closure of the Argyle Mine in 2020 has made them even scarcer. As a result, their value has increased significantly, and they are now considered one of the world's most valuable and sought-after gems. Some experts predict that the value of pink diamonds could continue to rise.

Do pink diamonds fade?

No, pink diamonds do not fade. Pink diamonds, like other coloured diamonds, are made up of pure carbon, and their colour is the result of their chemical makeup which is something that cannot change. If you buy a brilliant, beautiful piece of pink diamond jewellery, the colour of a pink diamond will remain unchanged.

However, it's important to note that like all diamonds, pink diamonds can be damaged or scratched if not properly cared for, which can affect their brilliance and value. Please see our guide to jewellery care or contact Nina's Jewellery about proper cleaning and care for your beautiful pink diamond jewellery.