How can I prove my diamond is an Argyle diamond?

How can I prove my diamond is an Argyle diamond?
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Buy your Argyle diamond from a recognised Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier™

It is notoriously difficult to provide proof of origin for diamonds and that's part of why Argyle diamonds are so unique in the market. Genuine Argyle diamonds are tracked from the ground to the cutting house through to select jewellers. This chain of custody can be proven every step of the way if purchased via legitimate means; a process unmatched in the diamond world.

So, if you are shopping for an Argyle pink diamond, here's what you need to know to prove your diamond is an Argyle diamond.


1. Purchase from an approved Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier™

The exclusive network of Select Atelier™ jewellers, of which there are only 35 internationally, are Argyle's specially-selected partners. Ateliers are known for uncompromising integrity and a commitment to beautiful design and quality craftsmanship. The value for perfection these jewellers have, and their unsurpassed passion for Argyle pink diamonds allow them direct access to a supply of these rare gems.

Western Australia’s own Nina's Jewellery, the first jeweller to purchase diamonds from the Argyle mine, is proud to be an original Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier™. So, if you want to be sure you have an Argyle Pink Diamond, start with an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier!

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2. Ask for an Argyle certificate: An official Argyle Diamonds Gem Identification and Authenticity Document

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Gem Identification and Authenticity Document is a report issued directly from the Argyle mine. The report delivers a guarantee on the chain of custody from the mine to the point of purchase. An Argyle certificate is only available to stones above a certain size, and smaller stones will be in possession of an Argyle lot number. This report denotes that the gem has always been in the care of Argyle Pink Diamonds and its trusted trade partners. It also contains a thorough description of the unique characteristics of the Argyle diamond based on the proprietary grading techniques of Argyle Diamonds. The certification lists the stone’s weight, shape, colour, and clarity grading from Argyle. 


3. Ask to view your stone's laser inscription

Today,  every Argyle diamond greater than eight points, or 0.08 carat and produced after December 2016, is laser inscribed with a unique lot number engraved into its girdle! This number is visible only under magnification and forever links it to the official report for conclusive identification.


Argyle Pink diamond laser inscription


4. Is your stone smaller than 0.08 carat?

Ask about your stone’s Argyle Lot Number. Stones sold today below 0.08 carat, or some older stones, are not given a certificate. Instead, they are given an Argyle Lot Number as a part of a batch of loose pink stones that are all similar. Your Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier™ will be able to advise you of your stone's official Lot Number.


5. What if my stone does not have certification?

There are many reasons why your stone might not be certified. Some jewellers purchase rough pink diamonds directly and then cut and polish the diamonds in-house. These diamonds rarely come with Argyle Certification as they have not been selected, cut and prepared by the Argyle diamond mine for purchase. Nina's does not cut our own stones, we purchase directly from Argyle and we list the certification information available on each of our stones on the website. This ensures you know exactly how legitimate your chosen stone will be!

Another reason your stone may not be certified is that, over the years, as the beauty and rarity of pink and blue diamonds have been fully realised, the official certification has been issued to stones of smaller and smaller sizes. For example, decades ago only stones over 0.20 carat (which is relatively large!) were certified. This means there are many stones in the market today that are worthy of certification but pre-date the current system.


Argyle pink diamond


6. Ask for a Delta certificate

Nina's have diamonds purchased from Argyle in our vault that were unearthed in the years before the official "Argyle Certificate" even existed! We are thrilled we can now offer these stones with their own "Certificate of Diamond Origin". 

Known as Delta certification, these stones have undergone spectroscopic analysis. As they did in Argyle’s own laboratory for 30 years, those at the Delta Diamond Lab continue to perform scientific analysis of diamonds. Argyle pink and blue diamonds exhibit a range of unique characteristics, so stones undergo multiple tests to confirm their Fluorescence, Infra-red Absorption, Visible absorption, Visible microscopic features, Photoluminescience Spectroscopy and Photochromism. Stones that are confirmed to have the characteristics consistent with the Argyle deposit are issued with a Delta certificate stating as such.

Fact-checked by: Laura Brown Delta certification: Proof of Diamond Origin

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