Sophie Kirkham

Sophie  Kirkham
Sales Consultant & GIA Diamond and Design Specialist (currently studying) 
Sophie is our designated in-house positive attitude, ready to turn any bad day into a great one! With an unwavering commitment to continually bringing the best and happiest version of herself to the Dunsborough store daily, no one is quite like her - and we love it. 

Expertise and Accomplishments:

GIA Diamond & Design Specialist in the making: With an impressive start, Sophie has already embarked on her journey towards the prestigious GIA Diamond & Design certification.  This pursuit of knowledge and education is not new for Sophie, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy.
Custom-make extraordinaire: Sophie has ventured into the custom-make program at Nina's Jewellery, where we are truly amazed by her unique talent for helping individuals express their style through jewellery and making design a fun and engaging experience. 
Visual Merchandising superstar: If you walk into the Nina's Jewellery Dunsborough store, it will most likely have been visually merchandised (beautifully!) by Sophie. No uneven display gets past her! 
GRAFF Retail Training: Sophie has completed GRAFF Retail Training and consistently maintains the high standards it has instilled in her.

Interesting Fact:  Sophie possesses remarkable adaptability and empathy, enabling her to foster strong client relationships. Beyond imparting expert knowledge, Sophie exudes an infectious sense of happiness that brightens the path wherever she treads. 

Connect with Sophie today to add a touch of sparkle (literally and metaphorically!) to your life. Whether you seek expert advice on jewellery styling and designing or even wish to explore our Dunsborough showroom, she is your ultimate go-to guide!

Author: Danae Wilson 
Fact-checked by: Sophie Kirkham