What is a promise ring?

What is a promise ring?

What is a promise ring?

When it comes to promise rings, the practices that surround them, their unique styles and their ability to connect people, make them truly timeless pieces.

A diamond ring says something profound about a close personal relationship. For people who want to show a deeply loving connection to another person, a promise ring offers a way to express how you truly feel.

Promise rings have an ancient history, but many people remain unsure about the layers of meaning and symbolism behind the tradition of giving promise rings.

Where do promise rings come from?

Promise rings have a long history in Western culture. In Ancient Rome, a bride to be would wear a promise ring during the courtship. During this time, the bride and groom to be couldn’t be in public together, so promise rings were a powerful connection to a bride’s love and a symbol of commitment while the couple waited until the marriage could be announced.

Promise rings were almost lost to time, until the 15th Century, when promise rings, also called posie rings, started being used as gifts in central Europe. Men would gift these rings as a way to express their love, as more public displays of affection were considered improper. The promise rings of this era were made of precious metals and inscribed with poetry on the inner surface of the ring.

Promise rings are now experiencing a resurgence today. With its romantic history, promise rings have come to take on a variety of different meanings to cover a diversity of modern relationships.

5 kinds of promise ring

There are five main styles of promise rings: pre-engagement, friendship, chastity, monogamy and promise to oneself.

Pre-engagement ring

Couples who are deeply committed to one another might choose to symbolise their faithfulness and love with a promise ring.

Like those couples of Ancient Rome, modern couples share promise rings to express and strengthen their deep connection to one other, before they’re ready to officially announce an engagement.

Friendship ring

Only the closest of friends exchange promise rings. Friendship promise rings are often exchanged by individuals who have been through emotional and trying situations together. They are also appropriate for friendships that have withstood the tides of time.

Chastity ring

Promise rings have become popular in the last 10 to 20 years among people who want to show that they are waiting until marriage, particularly for people of faith. These rings can come as a gift from a romantic partner, a parent or as a gift to oneself.

In popular culture, promise rings have been exchanged by the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.

Monogamy ring

A promise ring can be a gift between people to show that they are reserved for one another, even if they never intend on becoming married.

With a monogamous promise ring, nothing about the future of the relationship is implied. It’s all about how each person feels in the moment.

Promise to oneself

A promise ring someone gets for oneself doesn’t only have to be a commitment to being chaste. Some people also wear promise rings to serve as a physical token that shows that they will abstain from unhealthy habits, such as smoking or drinking.

Abstinence is the main meaning behind this kind of promise ring but not the only one. A promise ring can represent some other personal and private promise to the individual who wears it.

Styles of promise rings

The shapes and styles of promise rings are almost as diverse as the people who wear them. The signature features of a promise ring is in its simplicity, compared to something like an engagement ring, but the personalisation choices are endless.

The traditional use of promise rings as symbols of secrecy and chastity means that many promise rings tend towards more modest design. A promise ring can sometimes be thought of like a secret between lovers, or with oneself.

Single-stone promise rings

Temple Champagne Diamond Twist Promise Ring


That’s why stand-alone stones are a usual when it comes to promise rings, like with the Temple champagne diamond twist promise ring. This ring epitomises that less is more, with a delicate braid of yellow gold that twists around an exquisitely dainty champagne diamond. The twist winks over the diamond in a way that suggests something known which remains unsaid.


Arya Argyle Champagne Diamond Ring


Compare this to an Arya Argyle champagne diamond ring, which uses open space to draw more attention to this diamonds extraordinary coloured facets. The nine karat yellow gold sling setting captures light like a drop of morning dew and lets an exceptional stone take center stage.

Pandora Champagne Diamond Ring


For those who want a bolder ring, promise rings with larger stones, like the Pandora champagne diamond ring, is exactly what you need to make a statement. This modern stacker style ring showcases a bezel set Argyle Champagne Diamond with an unbelievable depth of colour.

Flicker Bezel Ring

For those who truly wear their heart on their sleeve, look no further than a Flicker bezel-set champagne diamond ring. The sleek curves of 18 karat yellow gold that whip around this spectacular stone is a rare combination of minimalist and eye-catching.


This Flicker bezel ring has it's place among a trend with promise rings, where symbolism is used to define the kind of a promise ring. Monogamy rings will use hearts, for example, while pre-engagement rings will use the infinity symbol.


Multi-stone promise rings

Anyone who prefers something more opulent than the pared back styles of minimalism, will love the striking arrangements of many-stone rings.

Lorde Argyle Champagne Diamond Dress

This Lorde Argyle champagne diamond ring is lavishly modern. Its contemporary half bezels accentuate the hand selected Argyle Champagne diamond and accompanying white diamonds with white gold that dances around these stones.



Hepburn Art Deco style band in rose gold


For something with more traditional elements of style, promise rings like the Hepburn Art Deco style band in rose gold echo the intricate designs of old royal heraldry. With their milgrain-edging, the diamond-set shapes of this ring make a statement of sophistication.

No matter the style you choose, a promise ring is a beautiful and tangible symbol of your relationship. Take a look at our collection of promise rings online, or get in touch with our team to help you find the perfect fit.