White diamonds or coloured diamonds – which is right for me?

White diamonds or coloured diamonds – which is right for me?

White Diamonds or Coloured Diamonds – Which Is Right For Me?

While white diamonds have been the classic and most popular option for rings, in recent years coloured diamonds have been growing in popularity.

Coloured diamonds reflect a deeper maturity, beauty and wisdom; they are stunning and rare and reflect the unique personality of the wearer. From perfect pinks to sunshine yellows, diamonds come in more colours than you can count, meaning that each one is as individual as you are. 

At Nina’s we are colour diamond experts but also offer a full range of white diamonds. Whatever your preference, our GIA Certified Diamond Specialists can help you make that final decision.


To put it simply, the rarer the diamond, the higher the price.

Coloured diamonds can have a higher price tag than their white counterparts, because the rarity of a stone determines its value. White diamonds are found relatively easily compared to some hard-to-come-by shades of coloured diamonds, which are formed when chemicals penetrate the diamonds and become trapped during formation. Some of the world’s most expensive stones with sky-high prices are coloured diamonds.

The purer the colour, the more valuable the stone. When it comes to rarity of different colours, browns and yellows are the most common, whereas shades of red and blue are almost impossible to find and often not available to the average consumer. Pink diamonds are the most sought after when it comes to these rarest of stones, being among the rarest diamond in the world, but currently more readily available in Australia due to one very special mine.

Pink diamonds are primarily sourced just 2 hours from our Kununurra showroom at the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia, and they provide 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds. When this mine closed in late 2020, drying up the supply of pink diamonds to the world, this made rare pinks even harder to come by. Pink Argyle diamonds are worth between 15 and 50 times its equivalent in white, and are currently Australia’s most valuable luxury export.

No two coloured diamonds are created exactly the same, so they are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to express their own unique style and individuality. Coloured diamonds also help hide inclusions - the hued facets often concealing these small flaws. So, while a white stone that has some inclusions will lose value, a coloured one may not.

Judging quality

There are many factors that determine the worth and price of a white diamond, including the 4Cs of carat, clarity, cut, and colour. The lack of colour in white diamonds equals the maximum brilliance and shine, which raises their monetary value.

But coloured diamonds have an entirely different set of rules when determining their worth, some of which are quite the opposite of white diamonds. The determining factor for the value of coloured diamonds is based on the depth of colour, including hue, tone and saturation. A cut that brings out the natural colour of the diamond is especially important. Achieving this can sometimes involve asymmetry, which is almost unthinkable for white diamonds.

Popularity & trend

Whilst white diamonds are timeless glamour, coloured diamonds are rare collectible treasures, and are currently in vogue. They have increased in popularity over recent years, thanks in no small part to Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry all embracing coloured diamonds, including in some cases, stones from the Argyle mine.

Historically, champagne diamonds were primarily used for industrial purposes instead of in jewellery, but they have gained popularity in recent years too for their range of colours and hues. And the Argyle mine is world-famous for its production of champagne diamonds.

Some of the world’s most well-known and valuable diamonds are coloured: The gorgeous Tiffany Diamond, famously worn by Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga is yellow, while The Hope Diamond is a stunning shade of blue. In fact, after the Mona Lisa, the 45 carat blue Hope Diamond is the second most-visited artwork on earth.  An intense pink emerald-cut 24 carat diamond sold for over $46 million at the Geneva Sotheby’s in Switzerland, in 2010, the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction.

Buying for someone else? Should you get her coloured diamonds?

Does she like standing out from the crowd? Or maybe appreciates the unique and unexpected? Does she have a signature colour? If so, then a coloured diamond may be the way to go. 

Is she a fan of the sophistication and the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood? Or maybe she’s fascinated by the royal family, and loves knowing what Will & Kate are up to? If so, then a white diamond may be more her style.

Which is the best?

There’s no one right answer, only the right answer for you. White diamonds are celebrated for their classic look, whereas coloured diamonds are valued for the unique colours and characteristics. At the end of the day, it really comes down to the individuals preferences, style and budget. No matter what you ultimately decide, Nina’s has a vast range of loose diamonds, diamond earrings, and diamond rings to satisfy your every need. 


We love diamonds and take great pride in our selections - coloured or white. To start the search for the perfect stone, or to see our range of rainbow stones for yourself, get in touch with one of our GIA certified Diamond and Design Specialists today.