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Jade Fawcus 


Sales Consultant and Web Specialist 


Jade Fawcus is the shining star of Nina's Jewellery Dunsborough showroom! Her journey into the world of fine diamond jewellery began in 2017. With over six years of dedication and commitment, she is now a well-rounded expert in all things diamonds! 


Expertise and Accomplishments:


If you reach out to Nina's Jewellery through our social media channels, you will likely be connecting with Jade. Her passion lies in delivering exceptional service, and this service knows no bounds as she assists customers online and in-store! 


Shopping with Jade is an exciting, uplifting experience; her personality and bubbly persona make it unmatched and of the highest quality.


Jade has also completed the GRAFF retail training program, further enhancing her customer service skills and adding a valuable layer to her expertise.


Luckily, new staff members get a crash course in jewellery from a true expert. Jade has become a designated pillar of support and education to them. 


In the realm of custom design, Jade is a true mastermind and has created a stunning array of custom designs for customers who desire something unique. 


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Notable Achievements:


Interesting Fact: Beyond her expertise in jewellery, Jade serves as our in-house tech and contributes significantly to the overall functioning of the Dunsborough store, ensuring a delightful online shopping experience and smooth sailing for the team. 


Jade has worked at two Nina's Jewellery locations. While Jade works full-time in the Dunsborough store, she has also worked in the Kunnanuura store! 


Jade's wow factor is that she always goes above and beyond for her customers to ensure they have a great experience in her presence, either online or remotely. Connect with Jade today to bring your custom-made dreams to life, or let her help you find your perfect piece of jewellery from our Dunsborough showroom!