Top 5 diamond cuts: round, princess, radiant, emerald, & cushion

Top 5 diamond cuts: round, princess, radiant, emerald, & cushion

Top 5 diamond cuts: round, princess, radiant, emerald, & cushion

The term cut refers to how the facets of a diamond are arranged. Whether you’re designing a diamond ring for a wedding, an engagement, or just a statement piece of jewellery, choosing the diamond cut is often the first and the most important decision you’ll have to make.

While the round cut diamond has been the most popular for what seems like forever, diamonds can, in fact, be cut and polished into a variety of cuts.

One of the most important things to note is that there is a difference between the cut and the shape of a diamond. The shape describes the basic outline (round, square, oval) most commonly when viewed from above, while the cut refers to how the facets of the diamond are arranged. You can find out more by clicking here

From the classic emerald and princess cuts, to the more unique (and rather unusual!) horse heads or Christmas tree cuts, as with many trends, the popularity of each will often vary between season, year, and decade.

There is often confusion regarding the differences between each diamond cut, or identifying which is which so Nina’s have written this blog post about the top 5 diamond cuts to help you in your quest to create the perfect ring or your dream piece of jewellery!

What are the top 5 cuts?

Classic round shaped diamonds are the most well-known cut so many are surprised by the plethora of shapes into which diamonds can be cut and polished!

Round cut diamond

The round cut diamond is the first diamond that comes to mind when most of us hear the word. This makes sense as it is by far the most popular cut - accounting for 75% of all diamonds world-wide.

The round cut diamond has a cone-shaped bottom. It has 58 facets, with 33 of those located on the crown (the top half) and the other 25 on the bottom cone-shape. Diamonds cut to this shape are not only the most in demand, but also the most expensive – because the cut requires so much perfection. Browse round cut diamonds

About the round cut diamond


Princess cut diamond

The second most requested shape in a diamond ring, the princess cut is renowned for its sparkling shine emanating from its square or rectangle shape and sharp pointed corners. In fact, princess cut diamonds commonly possess the same brilliance as round cuts. This is because more weight is directed toward the depth of the diamond which enables a truly maximized brilliance.

It is one of the newest diamond cuts. Invented by Arpad Nagy in the early 1960s, it was initially known as the 'profile cut' and was created in response to the polling of women about diamond rings and jewellery. The most popular of all of the fancy cuts, a princess cut diamond has a combination of beauty and style is perfect for any woman who seems to be drawn to excitement!  

Some of the big name celebrities who received an engagement ring featuring a princess-cut diamond include Kate Bosworth and Jessica Biel. Browse princess cut diamonds

The princess cut diamond is a modern design


Radiant cut diamond

The radiant cut is somewhere in between the purity of an emerald cut and the brilliance of a round cut, which means it’s like a combination of both that results in a non-traditional shape that’s also beautifully symmetrical. It can be either a rectangle or square, with cropped corners and brilliant-cut facets. You’ll know your ring is radiant cut if it has a well centred culet, parallel sides and corners that are cropped identically.

Often considered to be one of the shiniest diamond cuts, the radiant cut has a fiery look thanks to the 70 facets, while also maintaining softness around the corners. For any woman who likes the shape of an emerald cut, but also wants a rock with a more brilliant sparkle, the rectangular style of a radiant cut is sure to be an excellent option. Browse radiant cut diamonds

About the radiant cut diamond


Emerald cut diamond

While the emerald cut is one of the most timeless shapes which has existed for many thousands of years, it didn’t actually become popular until the Art Deco movement during the roaring 1920’s.

There is no hiding blemishes with the emerald cut, so most people heed advice to aim for higher clarity and colour, which is why this cut always seems to exude elegance and beauty. It’s easy to identify thanks to the bevelled corners, concentric rows of facets and its rectangle shape.

By creating graduated lines using the step-cutting method, it actually increases the strength of an emerald cut diamond, while the clean lines creates a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect for a unique feel that sets this diamond cut apart.

Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, as well as Amal Clooney, and even Queen Beyoncé herself are just some of the celebrities who are currently showing off their stunning emerald cut diamond rings. Browse emerald cut diamonds

The emerald cut diamond is very versatile


Cushion cut diamond

Similar to a princess cut diamond, the cushion cut is often synonymous with royalty. It was named thanks to the cushion-shaped stone created by a square to rectangular cut, with large facets and rounded corners that enhance the stone’s brilliance.

Also known as a 'pillow cut', the cushion cut diamond is available in a wide range of ratios so they can be either perfectly square or rectangular. You can differentiate this from other cuts as it has curved sides and rounded corners. With its distinctive soft shape and brilliant facets, the highly-coveted cushion-shaped diamond has a classic feel with romantic appeal.

The cushion cut diamond has rounded corners along with some fiery facets that help to create a dazzling kaleidoscopic effect that catches the light to really emphasize the beauty of the rock.

Cushion cut diamond rings have been adorning fingers of brides for centuries. Celebrities who wear cushion cut diamonds in their shaped engagement rings today include Kim Kardashian, Megan Markle and Sofia Vergara. Browse cushion cut diamonds

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Diamonds can be cut and polished into many many different shapes and various sizes, which is why it really is such a personal decision to find a cut that you like best.

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